Break the ice! It's time to care for men!

November is considered men's health month. Our goal is to start the conversation about the perks of prevention and care. We want men to live longer, healthier, and happier.


Men's health promoters

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Health for him

Globally, men live five years less than women. While genetics does not necessarily play a role, societal expectations are more likely to happen. Three main risk factors:

Mental Health

Taking care of our thoughts and feelings is part of a balanced general health. Let’s start the conversation about men’s mental health.

Prostate Health

Prostate health ensures good overall health for its sexual function and urinary function. Let’s break the ice about prostatic health.

Testicular Health

Learn the shape of your body from a young age. Get actively involved in your self-care! Let’s break the ice about testicular health.

Worldwide numbers

Risk Factors

Let's break the taboo around mental health and male illnesses to incorporate prevention strategies into our lives and pass them on to our loved ones.

5 cause of cancer death -prostate cancer

100% of the patients diagnosed in time, survive.

15 to 44 y.o. The most common cancer is testicle cancer in this group age

Take responsibility for your health!

It's time to take care of ourselves

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Men's Health Check-up

Make prevention your priority. Get to know your overall health status with this package of tests.


  • Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)

  • General urine test

  • Blood chemistry (24 elements)

  • Total testosterone

  • Complete blood count

  • Coagulation times

  • Bladder ultrasound

  • Urological consultation

Take advantage of the special price

$3,500 MXN
$2,900 MXN